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CosmoSet is a platform for business-process automation in enterprises, their monitoring, management and reporting.


ITproLab is a global full-cycle software development company with niche expertise and a focus on the latest technologies. Our highly skilled team is always at your service.

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Success comes from process.
HR betta-version

Warehouse and SCM Module Announced

Based on years of experience, the new version guarantees a wide range of possibilities.

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HR betta-version

HR & GPR open beta started

ITproLab is pleased to announce the start of open beta for its localized version of HR and GPR Modules.

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HR betta-version

Document Management Demo Online

The demo version of the document management module is available for free examination.

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Not only information technologies are spoken about here, but first of all, modern technologies lowering transaction expenses in an enterprise: business process management, balanced system of indices, management of the relations with your clients – everything works for your business.

Work Principles

At our clients disposal accumulated by us knowledge and technologies corresponding to the highest standards and allowing to resolve the most difficult problems.

The Platform

The platform is built up on the basis of the client-server technologies and corresponds to Microsoft, Oracle and Google recommendations for program products of high level, productivity and reliability.


In the developing process we utilize modern instruments: .NET, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJs, PostgreSQL.

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